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(Last Updated 2/28/21)

Net Zero Carbon Emissions Resolution - LM Commissioners are expected to address this during a public virtual meeting, perhaps in March 2021. You can send this customizable letter to your Commissioner expressing your support.

In November of 2020, Lower Merion Township's Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) passed a Net-Zero Carbon Resolution and forwarded it to the Township Board of Commissioners recommending they adopt it. The resolution establishes a goal of transitioning the entire township: residential, commercial, governmental, institutional, and school district to 100% clean renewable energy by 2045. It includes interim goals and calls for the creation of an Energy Transition Plan to guide the townships actions to meet the goals.

This strategically important resolution meets the Ready for 100 standards. Please contact your commissioner soon to express your support! Here is a draft letter you can send to your commissioner. (See Get Involved! page for how to contact your commissioner.) Also, PLEASE ATTEND the meeting!

Write the School Board and Your Commissioner to oppose Proposed Destruction of Forested Acreage Near Stoneleigh - The Lower Merion School District will soon be making a revised proposal for middle school playing fields to the Township for their approval. The LMSD is proposing removing over 500 mature trees in an ecologically important site. The was withdrawn after negative feedback from the Environmental Advisory Council. We are calling for you to write your Commissioner. Here is a SAMPLE LETTER to send to the LMSD and your Commissioner.

Proposed Lower Merion Plastic Bag Ban -- Contact Your Commissioner

The Lower Merion Conservancy is working with the Township to evaluate a single use plastic bag ban. If you support such a plastic bag ban in Lower Merion, please contact your commissioner and voice your approval. Contact the Lower Merion Conservancy for more information. Click here to go to a similarly named organization that focuses on schools in Lower Meiron to learn about campaigns to ban plastic bags.

Gas Powered Leaf-blowers & Landscaping Equipment -- Contact Your Commissioner

A group is evaluating the feasibility of regulating or eliminating highly inefficient gas powered leaf-blowers in Lower Merion. Contact to be provided.


The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)

The Public Comments phase of the PA DEP's process completed 1/14/2021. Lower Merion's Board of Commissioners unanimously approved to submit to DEP a statement that the Board of Commissioners' supports RGGI. Main Line Times news article here and Delco Times Article here (for subscriber-only viewing). See more about RGGI in the Commonwealth section of the Local Context page.

Local Policy Education

Mitigating Climate Change: Technologies, policies & strategies that will get us carbon neutral by 2050 -- 3/8/21, 12 noon. Details here.

CALM Monthly Neighbor-to-Neighbor Climate Conversations: Drawdown -- 3/11/21, Time 7:00-8:30 pm. Details here.